What We Do

At Wyld Collective, we design novel interactive systems. We combine years of experience in design practice and user research with up-to-the-minute knowledge of cutting-edge technologies.

With digital technology increasingly embedded everywhere, the world is becoming interactive in new and exciting ways: location-based games, mobile payments, open data about your city, participatory museum exhibits, programmable matter, gesture recognition, and more.

It's a brave new computational world. We can help you make it your own.

Wyld Collective offers the following services, all integral parts of an iterative design process for creating digital products:

Interaction Design for mobile applications, iPhone/iPad apps, games, tangible interaction, and augmented spaces.

Prototyping for both hardware and software systems, geared towards a process including design and evaluation.

Software Development for web, mobile platforms, and stand-alone applications, specializing in well-designed interaction.

Evaluation ,qualitative and quantitative, to inform and to evaluate a system's design. Methods include paper prototyping, in-lab usability testing, ethnography, cultural probes, and qualitative video analysis of real-world use.

Workshop Organization to leverage collective creativity, learn new skills, and hatch great ideas.